General terms and conditions of use of Printbox services

  1. Introductory provisions and definitions

The adopted general conditions and rules for the use of Printbox services regulate the implementation and provision of communication, multimedia and information services and access to Printbox services and tools offered by Print boks d.o.o., Koprska ulica 94, 1000 Ljubljana, which are defined in more detail below.

The terms used in the rules have the following meanings:

“Cloud Computing” is a computing service model that provides convenient, locally unrestricted on-demand Internet access to shared flexible computing capabilities (such as networks, servers, memory, applications, tools, and services). Cloud computing is a way of delivering IT services with a legitimate potential to increase collaboration, business resilience and the availability of computing resources, and enables cost reductions through optimized and efficient computing. Cloud computing provides a world that is as flexible and upgradeable as possible for users – cloud components are thus procured, implemented, taken away, or increased or reduced in size in no time and without large input costs, providing an allocation model and spending on demand.

“Software as a Service (SaaS)” is a service that provides the entire infrastructure together with the software and the settings for its operation. The user only needs a web browser or similar client application and internet access for this service model, everything else is provided by the service provider.

“Printbox service” or “Printbox system” is a computer service for printing preloaded content in the cloud, intended for consumers and companies that need access to printing services in publicly accessible places or in public areas, offered by Print boks doo, Koprska ulica 94, 1000 Ljubljana.

“Printbox Tools” or “Tools” A collection of software tools that allow you to use Printbox services and manage your user account using mobile devices and desktops or laptops.

“Manager” is the company Print boks d.o.o., Koprska ulica 94, 1000 Ljubljana.

“Price list” means the price list of Printbox services published on each Printbox kiosk, in the Android mobile application and on the website

“Kiosk” or “Printbox Unit” is a device that enables the Printbox service, especially printing in a public space.

“User” means a natural or legal person or sole proprietor who registers with the Printbox service or uses the Printbox service without registering.

“User Interface” is a software solution with an author’s design and coordinated functionality that allows users to access data and Printbox services.

“User Account” is a collection of information that allows a registered user to identify himself, which allows him to access the Printbox Services and store content in the cloud.

“Printbox PIN” is a personal identification number that the user receives when registering with the Printbox service and can use it when logging in to their user account.

“Printbox credit” is a unit for paying for Printbox services.

“Kiosk location” or simply “location” is a publicly accessible place where a kiosk is installed for the needs of user access.

“Website” is the website of the operator:

“User Session” is the period that begins with logging in (as a registered or unregistered user) to the User Interface portion of the Printbox Kiosk that allows you to purchase Printbox credits and print files, and ends with logging out of this portion of the User Interface.

“Personal data” personal data of the user required for registration in the Printbox service and participation in marketing communication activities (prize games and other promotional activities).

“Uploaded Content” or “Uploaded File”: a photo, material, file, or any documentation that a Printbox user uploads to their user account.

  1. Acceptance of rules and conditions of use

To use the Printbox service and the website, the user must agree to the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Printbox service (hereinafter the rules). Acceptance of the rules is a condition for using the Printbox services and the website. The Printbox operator reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions of Use at any time. It is the user’s responsibility to keep up to date with them and to become aware of them each time they log in to the Printbox system or use the service. Continued use of the Printbox service after the posting of changes means that the user agrees with these changes. For users who have a contract with the operator of the Printbox service (hereinafter the operator), these rules (version valid at the time of ordering) are also part of the contractual provisions. By accepting the rules, the user undertakes to act in accordance with them.

  1. User registration

At the time of first registration, the user must register and must be 15 years of age or older on the date of registration. To register, you need an existing and valid e-mail address and enter a password set by the user (the selected password can consist of letters and numbers and must be at least 4 characters long). The user must fill in the required fields when registering, and the PIN is then sent to him via e-mail as one of the options for subsequent access to the Printbox service or is available at the Printbox kiosk under the “help” tab and on the website (after logging in) with the user account in the SETTINGS menu). The user must fill in all required fields with real data. Betraying another person is a crime. Registration and login of users is possible on the website or at any Printbox unit in Slovenia.

  1. Technical support of the operator, providing access to kiosks and services

The Printbox service uses a publicly accessible Internet network, which is usually provided by the owner or tenant of the site. The user accepts the fact that Printbox services depend on the operation of the Internet network, for which the operator is not responsible. In no case shall the operator act as a direct provider of Internet access, electricity and other communication services.

The operator ensures access to the kiosks through individual agreements with the location owners, in accordance with the actual and legal restrictions set by the location owner (schedule, opening hours, house rules, etc.). When accessing the services, the user accepts the stated restrictions set by each individual location holder. The operator may, but is not obliged to, publicly announce individual changes to access restrictions.

The Operator reserves the right to upgrade, add, change or discontinue additional, supplementary and other services, without obligation to notify in advance.

The operator may change the settings required to use the services or other parameters. Their new form or content must be communicated to the user at least 3 (three) working days before the intended change via e-mail, information screen or the website.

The operator is obliged to ensure access to its website with the possibility of managing the user account via at least one of the two web browsers with the largest market share in the Republic of Slovenia.

The user is aware of and agrees that:

  • In case of disrupted operation / non-functioning of the Internet connection, electrical network, communication gateway and / or other communication equipment at the kiosk location, the use of services will not be possible.
  • The provision of services will also be disabled in the event of temporary or permanent restriction of access to services or restriction of services due to breach of contractual obligations of the site owner. 
  • The operator ensures the smooth operation of the Printbox service 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday inclusive (mode: 24/7/365), unless there are network emergencies, more demanding updates or a different time regime of the location owner.
  • The operator reserves the right to perform maintenance work in the Republic of Slovenia during the time when the uninterrupted operation of the Printbox service is ensured and on public holidays. These maintenance work may result in complete or partial inability to use the Printbox service.
  • The operator reserves the right to perform maintenance work, add new functionalities and change the user interface while the smooth operation of the Printbox service is guaranteed, provided that this does not affect the smooth and normal use of the Printbox service.

The operator provides subscribers with the quality of services offered or enabled by the given technical conditions and characteristics of the Printbox network, internal installation of the location owner and used communication and other equipment.

Failure or malfunction of any equipment may cause Printbox to malfunction or malfunction. Disruptions or non-functioning of services may also occur due to upgrades or modifications of equipment or network, about which the operator will try to inform through its communication channels. The Printbox Operator provides all visitors and registered users of the Printbox Service with professional and technical assistance in the use of the Website, during the Operator’s working hours published on the Website. To establish contact with the operator, the user has access to a contact telephone number and e-mail, published on individual Printbox units and the website.

  1. The operator’s responsibility for the content uploaded to the system by the user

The user undertakes to use the Printbox units, website, services and other Printbox tools at his own risk. The operator is not responsible for any loss, damage, misappropriation or alteration of the data printed, sent, received, transmitted or stored by the user as part of the Printbox services.

In the event that the contents of the file violate these rules and conditions of use or applicable law, anyone may notify the administrator by e-mail:, stating the exact details of the disputed files (file name and location) and the reason for the appeal. The administrator will check the complaint and take appropriate action and, if necessary, remove the disputed files. In this regard, the administrator reserves the right to delete, censor or modify stored files if it believes that the content as a whole or part of it does not comply with or violates these rules and conditions of use or could violate applicable law.

  1. Refusal to register or perform the service

The administrator reserves the right to refuse to register the user or to refuse to pay the credit if it considers that this could harm the interests of the operator – the operator reserves the right to do so (especially in cases but not exclusively – creating Printbox user accounts in order to obtain Printbox benefits). The Printbox operator also reserves the right to remove from the Printbox service those users who violate these terms and conditions of use or otherwise harm the Printbox service, its operators or owners (the user uploads to the Printbox service content that does not comply with these rules and conditions of use or applicable law). The assessment of this is fully reserved by the operator.

  1. Warranty for cloud uploaded content

The Printbox operator reserves the right to change the functionality of the service and the user experience. The operator does not guarantee that the user will be able to access the content uploaded to the cloud, nor for the integrity of the content, so it is recommended that the user save the content and photos if he wants to use them later for other purposes. The operator also does not assume any responsibility for the truthfulness, correctness and legality of the content uploaded to the Printbox service by users or business partners.

  1. Liability of the operator

The operator is solely liable for damage caused by gross negligence or intent. The operator and its owners are not liable for any direct or indirect damages, including any lost profits, resulting from interruption of access, late service, failure of any terminal or malfunctions of the website, and do not guarantee the success of the use of this website. In no event shall the operator be liable for any damages arising from the use or inability to use the service, including without limitation on lost revenue or expected profit, loss of goodwill, loss of business, data loss, computer error or malfunction or other harmful events. The Operator also reserves the right, if it deems it necessary, to terminate the provision of the Printbox service at any time, for any reason and for the necessary time, without prior notice. The user agrees that in no case can he claim compensation from the operator that exceeds twice the amount of credit on the day of the unsecured Printbox service or the service performed with an error. Under no circumstances is the operator responsible for the non-functioning of an individual Printbox terminal, and the user is aware that there are several Printbox terminals available to him, where he can use the services.

  1. Provision of third-party services by the operator

If the operator offers, markets or in any other way offers third party services (vouchers, vouchers, printed matter, software, communication and other services, etc.) within the Printbox service, these services and equipment are subject to the general business rules or terms of these third parties. persons. The user is obliged to respect the terms of business of third parties related to their services. The operator is not responsible for the correctness, validity and compliance with the rules of third parties.

  1. Ensuring user privacy

The controller respects the privacy of users and treats the content of all data as private, but cannot guarantee complete security (privacy) of data. The operator will endeavor to ensure the confidentiality of the content in accordance with its technical capabilities and in accordance with applicable regulations.

Upon registration of the service (on the website or any Printbox unit in Slovenia), the user will receive a Printbox PIN, selected email address for sending content to the user’s account and any other information regarding the operation and use of the Printbox service, for which he is obliged to provide constant supervision and protection. The user undertakes to keep the Printbox PIN assigned to him by Printbox as a business secret and to use it exclusively by himself.

The user is obliged to inform the administrator of the suspicion that the password is used by an unauthorized person, and the administrator will allow the user to change the user password free of charge (The operator will provide the user with a link to a website where the user can change the user password).

  1. Obligations of the operator and the user regarding access to the user account

The user is obliged to take care of the security of his user password and change it from time to time. The operator is not responsible for cases of misuse of the user password, but will take appropriate action immediately after the user is notified of the alleged misuse.

  1. Use, processing and protection of personal data and uploaded user content

By accepting these rules, each user of the Printbox service allows the use and processing of personal and other data provided for the purpose of the Printbox service and sending e-mails in accordance with point [13] of these rules. The controller undertakes to use this data only for the purpose for which it was obtained. By completing the registration, the user is acquainted with the handling of personal data and agrees that the controller processes and stores his personal data until its revocation. The user can revoke the right to use personal data by e-mail ( The cancellation will be arranged within 48 hours of receiving the cancellation request at User data is processed and stored in a manner and within a time limit with a specific and legitimate purpose. The controller guarantees the privacy of personal data and uploaded content and handles it in accordance with the EU / EEC. Article 63 Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1). The controller of personal data is the controller of Printbox services, the company Print boks d.o.o., Koprska ulica 94 100, Ljubljana. The controller will not pass on personal data to third parties, except in cases where this is necessary for the purpose of the Printbox service. The Printbox operator will keep the user’s data for a minimum of one year and a maximum of 2 years from the last activation of the account, with which the user agrees upon registration. The data retention obligation only applies as long as the operator maintains the Printbox service.

  1. Use of user contact information

The user who registers with the Printbox service agrees to receive e-mail related to the service. These messages may contain advertising messages of the Operator’s business partners. The user may at any time request that the controller permanently or temporarily stop using his personal data to send advertising messages. To unsubscribe from receiving these messages, you must click Unsubscribe in the received e-mail. Unsubscribe applies to all e-mails, except those related to the operation of the Printbox services or the provision of the Manager’s service. The operator undertakes not to pass on the e-mail addresses and other personal data of users to others except in cases where this is necessary for the purpose of the Printbox service.

  1. Price of services, terms of payment and invoicing

The implementation of individual services is chargeable. The price and terms of payment can be seen from the price list available at each kiosk, the website and the Android mobile application, as well as the final price can be seen before the final confirmation of the service. The individual user has several types of payment available. Possible methods of payment are: via Moneta (this method of payment can be made at those mobile operators that allow the purchase of products and services with the Moneta service), cash, bank transfer (applies only to transfers of 10.00 EUR or more), NFC reader or online purchase at Payment with Moneta and cash can be made at any kiosk, with all kiosks accepting payments with Moneta and banknotes, coins and NFC devices only being accepted by some kiosks. The Printbox operator does not refund the amount paid. It also does not refund the difference between the deposit amount and the amount of current spending. The difference in value in the form of Printbox credits to the registered user is maintained at his user account until the user account is closed. Unregistered Printbox users cannot save unused value (Printbox credits) in the Printbox system because they do not have a user account. An unregistered Printbox user can save the difference in the amount of Printbox credits to a newly created user account when logging out of the user session as an unregistered user.

In case of closing the account, it will be charged 15.00 EUR. The credit of the user on the account he wants to close is not paid out but spent on the costs of closing the user account. If the user has more credit on the account than the cost of closing the account, the difference in excess value is returned to the user. Printbox services are performed after the user confirms the selected service and after the payment or redemption of the promotional code. By confirming the service after the technical steps have been completed, the contract between Print boks d.o.o. and concluded between the user. This is considered to be a distance contract, and the service is performed after confirmation and payment. In the case of consumer relations, the operator acts in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot) when managing the website. The operator guarantees to users who are consumers under the ZVPot all rights deriving from the ZVPot, except for the possibility of withdrawing from the contract after the start of the service, as the nature of the service does not allow this. In view of the above, withdrawal from the concluded contract is no longer possible after the start of the service and payment is non-refundable. Pursuant to Article 43.č of the ZVPot, the consumer has the right to inform the company within 14 days that he is withdrawing from the contract, without having to state the reason for his decision. The consumer submits the notice of withdrawal to the company on the form for exercising the consumer’s right to withdraw from the contract (Form OP), which he sends by mail or e-mail. In order for the consumer to withdraw from the contract within the time limit set for withdrawal, the notice of withdrawal shall be deemed to have been sent in good time if the notice of withdrawal is met. the expiry of the withdrawal period from this contract. In case of withdrawal from the contract, the company immediately or no later than 14 days after receipt of notice of withdrawal from the contract returns all payments received. Complaint procedures for purchasing Printbox credits will be considered individually from 7 am to 8 pm).

Pursuant to Article 143 of the Rules on the Implementation of the Value Added Tax Act, exemptions from the obligation to issue invoices (ZDD-1_PIZDDV-NPB14), Printbox kiosk does not issue invoices for its services. In the case of a purchase with a credit card, the user receives an invoice for the purchase of Printbox credits. The user agrees that his invoice for the purchase of Printbox credits via the web interface is generated and stored in the print queue of his user account. By doing so, the user agrees to have received an invoice for the purchase of Printbox credits.

  1. Validity period and period of use of Printbox credits

Printbox credits (purchased or obtained up to and including 31 January 2017) are permanently usable on the user account in case the user is active. An activity is considered to have completed at least one of the following actions: at least 1 Printbox credit has been purchased, at least 1 promotional code has been redeemed, or at least 1 page has been printed. In the event that none of the activities mentioned in the previous paragraph occurs at the user within three years, Print boks d.o.o. such user account is registered in the database of inactive user accounts, and the credit / balance of Printbox credits on the inactive user account is archived. The user account itself remains active and the user is given the option to repurchase or obtain Printbox credits. This restriction will take effect on 1 February 2017 and will apply to Printbox credits purchased and acquired up to and including 31 January 2017 (the first registration of inactive user accounts will start on 1 June 2017).

From 1. 2. 2017 Print boks d.o.o. for the period of validity and period of use of Printbox credits purchased or acquired after 1.2.2017, the general 5-year limitation period is observed in accordance with Article 346 of the Code of Obligations (OZ-UPB 1, Ur. L. RS, No. 97/2007): from all user accounts, from the date of purchase or acquisition of Printbox credits the credit is transferred to the revenues of Print boks doo after 5 years, and Printbox credits are deleted from the user account. Withdrawal and deletion of Printbox credits from user accounts that have not been used within 5 years from the date of purchase or acquisition will begin on February 15, 2022.

  1. User responsibility for content uploaded to the cloud

The user of the Printbox service undertakes that the content uploaded to the cloud will be admissible and will not be prohibited by law, and that uploading content to the cloud will not violate any rights of third parties. In case of suspicion of a crime, the operator will cooperate with the relevant authorities. The user undertakes not to upload to the cloud content that is in conflict with applicable laws, other regulations and the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia and to respect the rights of third parties. In particular, the user undertakes not to abuse the services for infringements of copyright or related rights of third parties under the Copyright and Related Rights Act (ZASP) and industrial property rights under the Industrial Property Act (ZIL-1). The user is solely responsible for their content uploaded to the cloud. The user is considered to be the manager of the uploaded content and is aware that the service manager has neither the legal nor the technical ability to control the uploaded content.

  1. Copyright in Printbox Services

The content of Printbox services, websites, Printbox tools, visual appearance of the interface, related databases and software code of the Printbox service are copyrighted, so copying, use of any part of the Printbox software without prior written permission of the operator is prohibited.

  1. Cookies

The installation of cookies on the website is regulated in accordance with the Electronic Communications Act (Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia, No. 109/2012; ZEKom-1), which takes into account the Directive on Privacy and Electronic Communications (2002/58 / ES). The operator of the website will store or gain access to the data stored in the user’s terminal equipment, provided that the user has consented to this. Prior to that, the user is clearly and comprehensively informed about the controller and the purposes of processing this data. The consent of the user, which is freely given and expresses his will, is obtained by the website operator before the cookie is set or the user’s data is collected; based on the user’s notification of the sending and purpose of the cookie. The user is informed on the website what information they intend to store in the cookie, for what purpose and what is the period of validity of the cookie that will be accepted. The user is aware that the cookie will enable the advertising provider to collect data on visits to other websites, displayed ads, etc., the user is given an explanation of the cookie and its use and information on the progress of monitoring via cookies. The decision to accept a cookie is up to the user. The user’s acceptance of a cookie is considered to be clear consent (marking), which the user can give when using the web portal, registering a user profile, logging in, uploading content to the cloud or performing a service or with a clear implied act, from which implies the user’s consent to accept the cookie. The fact that the user has accepted the cookie is considered as a valid consent also for the subsequent collection of data resulting from this cookie. The registered user can also withdraw the given consent upon request. The operator of the website will inform the users of the website that monitoring is taking place via cookies.

  1. Final provisions

If disputes related to the subscription relationship cannot be settled amicably, the disputes will be transferred to the competent court in Ljubljana, which will decide under Slovenian law.

Any partial or complete copying, modification, distribution, etc. these general rules of business without the approval of the manager is prohibited. In the event that any part of these General Terms and Conditions is found to be inappropriate, illegal or invalid, this shall not affect other parts that continue to be used and independent of the inappropriate part. The invalid provisions of these general terms and conditions may always be replaced by the valid ones, which must correspond as closely as possible to the purpose of the invalid provision.

  1. Information on the operator of the Printbox service and the website

 The operator of the Printbox service, the website and the domain is the company Print boks d.o.o., Koprska ulica 94, 1000 Ljubljana, represented by the director Aleš Glavan. All information about the website operator is available at

Print boks d.o.o.

Koprska ulica 94,

1000 Ljubljana

Ljubljana, 8.12.2021