Carefree printing

on Printbox vending machine.

Printbox Slovenia provides printing, scanning and copying of documents on 160  Printbox self-service print vending machines throughout Slovenia, which we take care of and regularly maintain. However, to make your printing of documents really carefree, our call center will solve your request during the call.

Printbox is for everyone.

We take care of your print.

We take care of you.

Carefree printing

in 4 steps

chosen for you.

We choose the locations of Printbox vending machines according to the needs of our users. We approached students with their studies and set up Printbox vending machines at colleges and dormitories.

To the general public, we strive to bring Printbox closer to your path in everyday tasks and to place Printbox vending machines in locations that are easy accessible and on your daily route.

Always and easily accessible locations

Shopping mall: Supernova 8x, Tuš 16x, Citycenter 4x.

Petrol station: 3x OMV.

Locations accessible to all general population.

Printbox equipped with scanner, NFC, bill and coin acceptor

Free parking.

Extended working hours.

The price of printing is 2 credits.

Student locations

University of Ljubljana 55x, Maribor 8x and Primorska 5x.

Student dormitories in Ljubljana 17x, maribor 6x and koper 5x.


Accessible mostly to students.

The price of printing is 1 credit.

Accessible convenience locations

Libraries in Ljubljana 17x, Maribor, Kranj, Novo mesto, Velenje, Nova Gorica, Piran, Portorož.

The price of printing is 1 credit.

Printbox equipped with scanner, bill and coin acceptor

Other convenient locations:

Bus station LJ, Addiko banka, B&B hotel, restaurants, ...for more locations check our map.

Locations accessible to all general population.

Printbox library location

Find your nearest

Printbox vending machine.

Operational Printbox

Non-operational Printbox

For printing you need Printbox credits.

The more credits you buy
the cheaper they are.

You can print in color
with only 50 cents.

Pomladna akcijska ponudba.

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Povoljno ispis u siječnju. Kupite Printbox kredite od 01.01.2024. do 31.01.2024. po posebnom siječanjskom cjeniku koji vam omogućuje lakši pristup nižoj cijeni Printbox kredita uz

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Ugodni tisk v januarju

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