Price list

The payment unit for Printbox services is a Printbox credit.

1 Printbox credit = 1 colour or black-and-white A4 page.


All support services of the Printbox system, such as scanning, archiving, file uploading, use of Printbox tools, etc. are completely free. You only pay for printing.

Use of Printbox services is based on a prepaid system. If you do not have Printbox credits in your Printbox user account, you need to buy a corresponding number of Printbox credits before printing.

After you purchase Printbox credits, the amount of payment is converted into a corresponding quantity of Printbox credits, according to the applicable price list. A higher advance payment can get you up to a 80% discount.

The more you pay, the cheaper are credits

Payments up to 40 HRK (5,30€)

up to 8 credits
5 HRK (0,66 €)

Payments over 40 HRK (5,30€)

between 13 and 33 credits
3 HRK (0,40 €)

Payments over 100 HRK (13€)

between 50 and 150 credits
2 HRK (0,27€)

Payments over 300 HRK (40€)

300 and more credits
1 HRK (0,13€)
  • Printbox kiosks offer the same price for black-and-white and colour printing.
  • The price depends on the amount of single payment.
  • The price per Printbox credit is calculated upon payment during a single login.
  • 1 Printbox credit = 1 colour or black-and-white page.
  • Double-sided printing = 2 Printbox credits.

Where and how to purchase Printbox printing credits:

You may purchase Printbox credits at any Printbox kiosk or with online payment. Printbox machines also have an NFC reader and allow you to purchase credits with all NFC devices.

The system at Printbox kiosk accepts banknotes of 5 HRK, 10 HRK and 20 HRK and 50 HRK.

 The minimum purchase amount for online payment is 5,00 HRK or 1 Printbox credits. Minimum purchase amount for payment at Printbox kiosk is 5 HRK or 1 Printbox credit (referring to cash payment, NFC payment )

Printbox does not return change!

It is recommended to use a Printbox user account, where the credits are stored and can be used later, or to pay the exact amount of money for printing.

NFC reader on all kiosks

Online payment from user account

Bills on all kiosks

Storing unused credits

  • The purchased credit is stored in your Printbox user account.
  • The credit from your user account can be used anytime at any Printbox kiosk in Croatia.

Buy credits online from a user account.

Purchase of Printbox credits with payment cards can be done only at web site Sign into your Printbox account ant choose BUY CREDITS within left menu. Click on »Credit card payment« to start with step one where you insert the number of needed Printbox credits or amount of payment. In case you insert number of needed Printbox credits the system will automatically display purchase amount. In case you insert amount of purchase the system will automatically display the number of Printbox credits for particular purchase amount. In the next step you need to insert details of your credit card (valid card number, expiration date and CVC code) and click on »Pay with your card« to confirm purchase. You may review your online purchase and history of all your payment history in FILLUPS menu. What you need to know about purchasing with credit cards:
  • No fees for credit card payment.
  • The service is available only to registered Printbox users.
  • Online purchase can be done by credit cards Visa, MasteCard, Discover and American Express.
  • The minimum purchase amount is 5,00 HRK or 1 Printbox credits.
  • Printbox credits will be immediately loaded to your Printbox user account after the payment.