Visit us at FESPA 2019 from 14th – 17th of May in Munich, Germany

15.4.2019, 14:00

Public printing as new business opportunity in printing industry

Printbox was developed to serve everybody. Whoever wants to print anything. And it was shaped to fit all kind of public facilities so people can reach Printbox kiosk and print their document everywhere. On every footstep. From the moment we have launched our project, we believed it has a huge potential. As consumers are changing, they are seeking for a new and modern solutions to satisfy their demands. Consumer demand signals for an on-the-go solution, to satisfy document printing demand and we believe that Printbox is the best fit to meet consumer expectations. With the Printbox solution people may save and manage their files remotely within their free cloud account and print them out at any Printbox kiosk – anytime. They may use the nearest kiosk each time they need to print something: at the grocery store, library, coffee shop, airport, petrol or train station. This will save them time, money and most importantly save them from trouble with their current personal desktop printers – expensive cartridges, paper, seeking drivers and maintenance – as well as long queues in copy shops.

Changing document printing habits: The new solution is here

A4 paper consumption is rising worldwide. Although it has been forecast that the demand for printing will decrease due to the digital era, the reality is actually quite the opposite. Consumers are increasingly demanding a more personal approach and so printed direct marketing materials are on the rise. The problem is that due to changes in global consumption and consumer behaviour, people are on the go all of the time, requiring faster delivery times and better convenience. If a service or product isn’t easy for them to access, they will not use it. Changes in consumer behaviour prompts the need for a faster and more accessible printing solutions for wherever and whenever people need to print (library, bus / train station, mall, post office etc.) in the most efficient way – totally self-service and quick. Due to a new sharing economy mind-set and mobile lifestyle, copy shops and desktop printers cannot follow global trends and consumers’ needs anymore.

Meet up Printbox team at stand F53 in Hall B5

Our booth will present the potential of public printing market, its size and our current status and achievements in global public market. We are looking forward to having a nice discussions regarding public printing business. Contact our Marketing and sales manager, Mr. Luka Jarc (, 00 386 30 601 950), and schedule your meeting with the team in advance. Printbox team is looking forward to meeting you.

Luka Jarc (marketing and sales manager), Aleš Glavan (CEO), Miran Bellis (head of maintenance)

Investment is co-financed by RS and EU

Operation for co-financing was elected at public tender for co-financing of individual participation at international fairs at foreign markets in years 2019 – 2022.

Investment is co-financed by Republic of Slovenia and European Union from European regional development fund (