Printbox presented in BDV intern magazine

8.1.2018, 9:00


BDV intern is internal magazine with news, trends, and presentations of new members

German Vending association is an organization with over 1.000 members. Companies, that deals with Vending business. As a producer, operator, supplier etc. Every single year they grow with new members that are starting their success story in vending business. In Germany and globally, of course. We have already publicised the news about Printbox becoming a full member of BDV in 2017. Now even BDV made it official with the announcement of our membership in their internal magazine bdvintern. They have even expanded their announcement with a short presentation of our business solution that might become interested in any of the existing BDV members or any other, that is somehow connected with BDV. That is another achievement for our international company and another tool that will communicate our business idea worldwide. And finally gave us also an appropriate business partner in Germany.


Jahresbericht (annual report) is another internal BDV magazine

BDV issues another magazine as a yearly report of their happenings, achievements, that have happened in every calendar year. They call is Jahresbericht that means annual report. It is more general compared to bdvintern, that is issued every 4 months and is dedicated to a specific period of the year. Within this magazine, readers may also find a report about EU’Vend & coffeena fair, organized by BDV and held in Cologne. They have included some photos from Rustikaler abend, the final event for networking as part of EU’Vend & coffeena (photo on the top of this article). You may easily notice how nice and pleasant was that event.