Printbox Austria is bigger for 5 Printbox kiosks

22.9.2018, 15:00

Second biggest Printbox national network

Austria has placed its territory on Printbox global map with its very first 3 Printbox kiosks in March 2017 in Vienna. Step by step Printbox Austria team has making progress with adding 5 kiosks on the market in every 5-6 months. With the last 5 kiosks placed in September 2018, Austria has become the second biggest national Printbox network with 22 Printbox kiosks in its country. Slovenia still remains the biggest one with 160 Printbox kiosks.

Printbox arrives in Graz and Linz

It has all started where it should. In Vienna. Capital of Austria with over 4 million of population. It is a good potential for Printbox business. But, after 17 kiosks network side by the end of August, Printbox Austria decided to place first units in Graz and Linz. Both Austria cities are having lots of student residents that means demand for document printing. Home4students and Milestone are 2 chains of student houses (dormitories) in Austria. Both have their facilities even outside Austria. And they are present in Vienna, Graz, and Linz. Once the managing board recognized benefit of Printbox printing system for its students, they have suggested to expand outside Vienna.

Perfect Printbox kiosk market placement

Printbox kiosk was designed and shaped to fit all kind of public facilities. From libraries, dormitories, bus stations, to airports and hotels. So Printbox can serve anybody at any time. But, it is also very important where exactly Printbox kiosk is standing. We call it a micro location. It has to be properly see and easy accessible. Otherwise, potential customers will not notice the kiosk or will not be ready to walk to far to get their prints. For these reasons, every Printbox kiosk had to be placed on high traffic spot and with perfect visibility. Printbox Austria team did the best job once more. Their Printbox kiosks are at the entry point of the building, reception, main hall or community area. It is a guarantee that all of the residents or visitors will notice the machine. But this is only the first step towards gaining customers. After perfect positioning on the market, marketing with promotion campaigns is crucial for new clients recruitment.