cebit 2018 printbox printing global network

Printbox will participate at CeBIT 2018 as an Exhibitor 4th year in a row.

Printbox team will be present in Hannover from 11th till 15th of June 2018

Presence at CeBIT fair has become a tradition for Printox team. "All from the start in 2015, our first year of presence, we have settled a new business partnership every year", was a clear and confident determination about 2018 participation by our CEO, Mr. Aleš Glavan. But more importantly, CeBIT is attracting people from all over the globe as one of the leading and biggest exhibition for new and future technologies. Those, that already have and will have an even stronger impact on our lives. It is a must for everybody, who is a trendsetter. And whoever wants to show to the world his strength and role in changing who we are today. Making us and the complete world a better place to live. To reach that special experience about which we will tell our friends about it. That brings us back to the marketing. Letting people know about us, accept new concepts and spread the word about it everywhere. For 2018, organizers are promising a totally new experience for all of us. Visitors and exhibitors. What to expect? "We are hoping to be amazed by a perfection of the new fair layout and served with many more contacts to develop new partnerships and open new markets", are thoughts about expectations by our marketing and sales manager, Mr. Luka Jarc.

Save the date and location

Nothing new we might say about the location. CeBIT 218 will be once more hold in Hannover, Germany. But, a huge difference comes with the date. Not in March 2018 brings it in June: 11th until 15th. Still, much time to schedule your trip to Hannover and meet up our team for a talk about 2017 results, markets performance, plans and partnership options.

A totally new CeBIT: Europe's Business Festival for Innovation and Digitalization

Organizers say: "Forget everything you know about CEBIT." Everything is gonna change. The layout, topics, tactics, etc. It is easily noticed from the fair map. It is no secret that digitalization has affected every scale of global business. It means also changes in a fair organization and providing that competitive edge in that perspective too.

What to do in the next months before CeBIT 2018

Our team has immediately started with preparations for the CeBIT 2018 from the moment it was clear we will be present in Hannover. What kind of package to bring there to amaze many others and expand our Printbox family with new astonishing people from other countries - to grow our biggest global network of printing kiosks. Our team has already met one of the CeBIT organizers in Ljubljana. A meeting was actually a workshop how to proceed towards this new CeBIT 2018 to reach that extra outcome as an exhibitor. Even we are planning to show you Printbox with all its amazing cloud system and new self-service kiosk machine with the A3 printing device and laser A4. Do not miss that show and be there. Contact our marketing and sales manager, Mr. Luka Jarc (+386 30 601 950,, for more information. Stay tuned and be informed about details about our positioning at the CeBIT 2018 in the next weeks.