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Printbox team has collected many new global contacts for further global expansion

Positive and encouraging feedbacks about Printbox from visitors

As expected and experienced in our two previous CeBIT participations, visitors expressed high enthusiasm about our print on the go business. We have met 50 new contacts in average per day. Most of them were amazed by our unique package that combines advanced cloud management system with self serviced printing kiosk. Looking at web pages and cataloges is fine to get an idea what Printbox is. But the best possible way to understand Printbox businness properly is to try it out and discover all features of our online management system for remote control, maintenance, monitoring and statistics.


Focus on Printbox cloud management system as our competitive edge

Visitors stop at our stand just because of 2 Printbox kiosks standing at the front representing the whole idea of document print in the go. Every conversation has started with: "This is amazing!". After presentation of Printbox kiosk, it's features and advantages towards other printing solutions from customer point of view, conversation redirect toward our cloud management system. That was the time where visitors were left speechless. This year our team proudly presented complete cloud system layout with all of it's features for the first time. With Printbox cloud management system we have digitalised our complete business so 1 single manager may run Printbox business with multiple Printbox kiosks at any market in the world. On the long term it means very low human resource costs which is also attractive fact from the business point of view.


Same team but bigger Printbox family covering 8 global markets

Printbox business was presented by the same experienced team as at last CeBIT exhibition (from left to right): Mr. Igor Plevnjak (Head of Maintenance), Mr. Luka Jarc (Marketing and sales manager) and Mr. Aleš Glavan (CEO). Our team has big role while establishing new business partnerships world wide. Visitors were impressed by our current experiences and knowledge about print on the go business that combines printing, vending and cloud computing sector. What impressed visitors even better than complete business package was the fact that Printbox is already present at 8 global markets. We have started with global expansion in 2015 and established 7 partnerships while Slovenian market was developed by our own and started in 2012.


What comes next

We are managing presentation at other exhibitions in the future. We will inform you about our next exhibition attempts. In the next few weeks we will continue communication with all contacts from CeBIT 2017 with a goal to establish Printbox business in more world wide markets. In the meantime you are welcome to visit us in Ljubljana and discover all features and advantages of Printbox cloud management system. Contact our Marketing and sales manager, Mr. Luka Jarc (, 00 386 30 601 950) and schedule your meeting in Slovenia. 


Start your Printbox business with testing package

Every businessman needs to gain trust into product, team members, market potential of a product at his own country and of course into financial  estimations and profitability of every single business. With experiences from 8 different market and 8 different cultures we are now even more confident and believe into Printbox business everywhere. To make sure our future business partners will conquer the same mind and believe in Printbox business as we do, we have prepared testing packages with which every partner may start with only 1 or 2 Printbox kiosks. Minimum investment to see how Printbox business performs in his local territory, customers feedbacks, cooperation and partnership with Printbox team and to check usage of Printbox cloud management system. Contact Mr. Luka Jarc to receive more detailed information about testing package.