"This is what our people in Republic of Bangladesh need."


Our CEO, Mr. Aleš Glavan, welcomed H.E. Minister and Ambassador of Bangladesh in the last weekend of June. Main purpose of their visit was to seek for an amazing business solutions that should be established in Bangladesh as well. Bangladesh representatives had shown huge interest for Printbox and decided to visit us in Ljubljana. Visit helps our partners to understand Printbox operations and most recent success in other world wide markets.

Mr. Glavan took this opportunity and guided our guests through different Printbox locations in Ljubljana so they could properly imagine how it runs in practice. They were amazed by our complete business concept and partnership models, impresive user statistics, number of Printbox users (more than 72.000 already) and especially the need of Printbox solution everywhere. They have realized that Printbox is not just very usefull gadget but advanced and complete business package with great profitable potential also for Republic of Bangladesh. 

After two very pleasant days and journey through most beautiful places in Slovenia Bangladesh team felt very optimistic about our future global success. Due to our vision and future strategy they have found themselves as important players in that story. Minister, Md. Shahriad, revealed: "This is what our people in Republic of Bangladesh need. I will do my best to deliver Printbox solution to anyone and anywhere in our country. We will find you a proper Franchise partner."  


From left to right: Aleš Glavan (CEO, Printbox), Mohammed Abu Zafar (Ambassador, Permanent Representative of Bangladesh to Austria, Hungary and Slovenia), Mr. Dewan Ali Ashraf (Director, State Minister office), Md. Shahriar Alam, MP (Minister, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh).