Printbox goes to Heidelberg

21.8.2018, 14:00

The launch of Printbox project and BDV event in Germany

Business meet up in Heidelberg

Our trip to Heidelberg will not be the first one in Germany. In the past, Printbox team had driven across Germany several times. Exhibitions (in Hannover and Cologne), personal meetings (in Ulm, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munchen, Regensburg, Dusseldorf) and business events (Dresden). We had been networking, learning about the vending business, and meeting our future partners for the German market. In 2017, Printbox became part of German Vending association (BDV) and we have attended their annual meeting in Dresden. It was a very good occasion, for our team to meet new people, experience the vending industry more in details and present Printbox as a business to BDV members. In 2018, an annual meeting is happening on 14th of September 2018 in Heidelberg, Germany. Aleš Glavan and Luka Jarc, our representatives, will be present in the event and are available for a meetup.

BDV annual general meeting

Heidelberg is a town in southwestern Germany on the Neckar River. It is best known by its University, founded in the 14th century. All BDV members will meet up in this city on 14th of September 2018 with a different procedure comparing to previous years. The event will start on Friday at 11 AM with the General Assembly at Kongresshaus Stadthalle Heidelberg. The rustic evening will follow later in the afternoon in the beautiful estate Eichenstolz. There is not any better and more relaxed moment to have a chat with our team representatives. Discover Printbox competitive edge, our global achievements, and future plans.

Printbox launch in Germany

A trip to Heidelberg has another occasion for Printbox. Not just participation at BDV annual meeting, but, also a launch of Printbox project in Germany. A very first kiosk will be placed in Heidelberg. Our partner from Heidelberg is waiting for confirmation and green light to place a very first kiosk in Heidelberg University in September 2018. Our partner will be our representative for the German market, available for all new future partners in Germany that will feel much more comfortable while talking in the German language. Our new German partner will also place a few more kiosks in Heidelberg in the future. But, German territory is enormous and we are planning to have a business partner for each big German city.

Contact Printbox team

You can meet our team representatives at the time between their trip to Germany or any other time at our Headquarter in Ljubljana, Slovenia. Aleš and Luka are looking forward to meeting you. Schedule a meeting with them by phone or email. If a personal meeting is not an option, you can discuss Printbox business on distance using Whatsapp or Viber.