After CeBIT 2018 summary

24.7.2018, 10:00

Satisfied with our fourth appearance at CeBIT exhibition

Printbox was presented in Hall 17, stand E28. Presentation to all visitors was executed by Mr. Aleš Glavan (CEO), Mr. Luka Jarc (Marketing and sales manager), and Mr. Miran Bellis (Head of maintenance). This year, for the first time, we had a chance to present ourselves as The biggest global network of self-service document printing kiosks. Yes, we have made a huge improvement in comparison with our first CeBIT appearance back in 2015. We have new and advanced kiosk models (Kyocera, Epson, and Xerox in the making), improved monitoring system and more new features in our administration system for management and control of the complete business. It all helped us to follow our global vision and starting new partnerships worldwide. We have definitely got the attention of the CeBIT visitors with our new message on our booth. Being the biggest network for sure brings curiosity in almost everybody – who they are, what they have and why are they so successful. It was a good start of every conversation with new potential partners. As usual, there were visitors from all global markets. to be honest, this year, a number of people were a bit smaller, but as the organizer promised, there were in majority only business contacts. The team has felt that difference. “There were fewer visitors at the booth, but with almost all of them, we had a long and detailed discussion about the business. Interest for Printbox was very high,” said Mr. Aleš Glavan (CEO). The fair was 1 day shorter than the previous versions. “But even though, we have gained more new business contacts than last year,” was satisfied reaction about the results of appearance at CeBIT 2018 by Mr. Luka Jarc (marketing and sales manager).

14 global markets, 100.000 registered users, and 250 kiosks

Being the best global player requires some time. Lots of effort, partners, friends, etc. But when you get to the point to be the biggest global network, it is a meaningful achievement. We have proven the need of our kiosks at several worldwide markets, proved that concept is appropriate and works well on different public locations, proved that it suits more than fine to all population from 10 up to 65 years of age, and most importantly, it was proven as a profitable business concept.All in total attracts many businesses to become part of our global story and start Printbox business in their hometown. Tihs year people were even more enthusiastic about Printbox and had a better belief in its need and success everywhere. Visitors have started a conversation with their ideas where they see the potential for Printbox in their country, how they would present it to the customers, negotiate deployments, etc. They have even understood the difference comparing to other printing solutions and how Pritnbox fits the new era of consuming services. Especially by younger generations. If we summarise our thoughts about CeBIT 2018, we are more than happy about the image, as of how we can present nowadays the Printbox and how easily people notice our vision, current success, and global position.

Representatives of Slovenian government gave us a visit

Besides all the potential partners, many other people gave us a visit to our booth. There were people, that are not our potential business partners, but the ones, that are interested to hear about the successful business development of Slovenian companies. It is a tradition, that representative of the Slovenian government visit CeBIT and all Slovene companies, that are presenting their businesses in Hannover. The second day of the CeBIT 2018, on Wednesday, we have received a visit from Mr. Boris Koprivnikar, Minister of Public Administration (Government of the Republic of Slovenia). He came to stop by with his team to listen to how we have improved and grown in the last months. Our latest achievements and global expansion were presented by our marketing and sales manager, Mr. Luka Jarc. They were impressed by what we have achieved so far. Again, the message The biggest global network of self-service document printing kiosks astonished them the most. “It is a very nice gesture. To know that they pay attention to our good work and progress. I am grateful for their visit, praise and good wishes for the future,” was a comment by Mr. Luka Jarc about their visit.

A chance to meet Printbox team

Our vision is to assure Printbox services to anyone, anywhere at any time. Regarding this vision, we are planning to establish Printbox business in every country. To meet new people, who will be interested in our global story and join our journey, we participate in different exhibitions and events. In our home country Slovenia and internationally. It means a chance for everybody, to get in touch with our team, receive more data and experience Printbox kiosk and our complete cloud system (online monitoring and administration platform). In case you have missed the chance to visit us at an international fair, you are welcome to visit us at any time in our head office in Ljubljana, Slovenia. We will give you a nice trip around our beautiful city Ljubljana so you might discover different placement of Printbox kiosks. Our team will be honored to expose all features, advantages, and benefits of Printbox business.

Mr. Luka Jarc (Marketing and sales manager), Mr. Aleš Glavan (CEO), Mr. Miran Bellis (Head of maintenance)