Positive and successful Venditalia 2018 appearance

18.7.2018, 9:00


We are grateful for our appearance and presentation at Venditalia 2018

Printbox team is pleased for the presence at Venditalia exhibition in Milan at the beginning of June 2018. Printbox business solution and complete package (hardware and software) for on the go self-service document printing for everyone, was presented in the New entry area. Presentation to all visitors was executed by an exclusive partner for Italian market, Mr. Alfredo D’Aquino (Uthopia Group), Mr. Aleš Glavan (CEO of Printbox), Mr. Luka Jarc (Marketing and sales manager at Printbox), Mr. Miran Bellis (Head of maintenance at Printbox) and Mrs. Rowena Cova (hostess). Our stand was visited also by our partners from Poland and Romania. All members of Printbox global team are grateful for meeting new potential partners and looking forward to new successful partnerships in the near future.

Not just Italians, but worldwide visitors

Sure, Venditalia is an exhibition in Milan, Italy. But, it is the leading vending exhibition in Europe. It is a must-have for the best and innovative vending solutions to be present there. And this, on the other hand, attracts visitors from all over the world, to discover ideas for their next business investment. We are building an international network of partnerships, that stimulates the growth of our global kiosk network and user database. All 4 days of exhibition, out team members had known lots of new people from Italy, Germany, China, France, Nigeria, UK, Netherland, Ukraine, etc. They had a chance to experience Printbox service in full perspective. Without exception, they were all fascinated by Printbox and our current global achievements. Because these people were looking for vending business, they also had a good knowledge of consumer behavior towards vending products. Some of them even had knowledge from the printing industry and document printing situation on their home territory. That was useful and essential for a good discussion about opening new markets with Printbox presence in the very near future.


Thoughts about Venditalia 2018

Usually, the expectations for every exhibition or that kind of event are very high. We all expect to meet an enormous number of people and sign dozens of new partnerships or close the sale. In reality, to avoid disappointments, realistic approach, and expectations are much better for everybody. “As always, we participate at different fairs with a goal to get more new leads to open more markets”, said Mr. Aleš Glavan, CEO of Printbox. Every exhibition has to be part of a strategy: we need to know why to go there, what to present there and, very important, how to present the company, business, and products. Otherwise, results might not reach expectations. “Every single year we prepare an improved strategy for each exhibition: booth stand layout, design, message, team, communication strategy towards visitors etc.”, said Mr. Luka Jarc, Marketing and sales manager at Printbox. Printbox business solution for self-service on the go document printing was present at Venditalia for the first time. “I have decided to exhibit at Venditalia because I wanted to spread the word about Printbox in Italy and other vending players in this business. As well as I wanted to reach more individuals and businesses, interested into Printbox business,” has explained Mr. Alfredo D’Aquino, CEO of Uthopia Group (exclusive distributor for Italian market). Mr. D’Aquino knew that being in the vending fair in Italy is the best way to start with brand awareness and to meet lots of people in 4 days event. Talking to all members of Printbox global team, we can conclude that they are all happy with the presence at Venditalia 2018. They are satisfied with new worldwide contacts. And they are all aware that the most important sales process starts after the fair. Follow up all the contacts and start with negotiations for the first kiosks in new markets. So we might talk about real success in the next 2-3 months.

Printbox partners meet up

Every business trip, event, exhibition or any other occasion, is an opportunity to meet new people, gain friends and business partners. It is also a chance to meet up with existing friends and everybody that are participating in your business in any way. Venditalia was the first occasion of a meet up of Printbox team members from Slovenia, Italy, Romania, and Poland. What a chance to share experiences, ideas, future visions and strategy, face to face with all of them at the same time. Together with international expansion, in between, a new business partnership is managed and especially, new friendships.

Mr. Aleš Glavan (CEO at Printbox), Mr. Alexander Wąsik (Printbox Poland), Mr. Luka Jarc (Marketing and sales manager at Printbox), Mr. Alfredo D’Aguino (Printbox Italy)