Visit Venditalia in June 2018 and meet Printbox team

16.5.2018, 12:00

The most important Vending event worldwide

Consumer behavior, habits, and expectations are changing. Fast. So they keep spinning the wheel of innovation in all business sectors. Vending sector is not an exception. Changes are more than welcome. They are forcing companies into innovation and constant improvement. That is the only way to their long-term business success. Venditalia is an international event and the most important fair in an Automatic Vending sector. That means all biggest global players are present there, aiming to present their competitive edge packages, innovations with new product releases. In other words, if you are interested to discover all the most innovative Vending business solutions that this world may offer, visiting Venditalia is a must. This four-day event will merge all investors, managers, and many others under the same roof in the area of Fieramilanocity from 6th to 9th of June. As we have written before, Printbox is advanced and modern business concept, combining multifunctional vending machine with an advanced online platform for remote management, real-time monitoring with automatic notifications, maintenance, statistics, and reports. This is just one of the reasons, why Printbox has to be present in Venditalia 2018 in Milan, Italy. You may find Printbox in the section named “Business Matching – Reading Room – New Entry”.

Business Matching – Reading Room – New Entry

Printbox is entering Italian market. Back in 2017, we have signed exclusive distribution partnership with Italian company UTHOPIA GROUP SRL. They have years of experiences with the printing business, B2B business in Italian territory. They also have a distribution agreement with EPSON to expand Epson solutions across Italy. Uthopia Group SRL has managed Venditalia 2018 presence where Printbox team from Slovenia will participate as well (from 6th till 8th of June). Where can you find Printbox in Milan? Together with representatives of Uthopia Group SRL we will be on booth number 7 in “New Entry” area (red square on the map). It is so called “Business Matching – Reading Room – New Entry” are of 200 square meters, where all new vending market players will present their solutions. And where Venditalia will organize meetings with targeted distributors and manufacturers. You may find that area near of Confida. It is the center of the event.


Fieramilanocity from 6th to 9th of June

Venditalia is organized every 2 years. And is traditionally located in Fieramilanocity (Milan, Italy). Venditalia 2018 starts on 6th of June and ends on 9th. Visitors may explore the are every day from 9.30 AM till 6.00 PM (till 5.00 PM on Saturday, 9th of June). Contact our Marketing and sales manager, Mr. Luka Jarc, and schedule your meeting with the team in advance. Printbox team is looking forward to meeting you at Venditalia in Milan.

A 3,5 billion market with 3,5% turnover growth in 2017

Consumers are changing. And they require sufficient and instant services at the moment they require tone and at the place, they are willing to consume what they need. To satisfy that demand and 24/7 availability, automatic vending machines were more than welcomed on many worldwide markets. There are more than 810 thousand vending machines installed throughout Italy which makes it number one country in EU (France has 50 thousand vending machines and Germany has 550 thousand vending machines). Only in 2017, Italy has increased the number of vending machines by 0,65%. Italian vending business has resulted in 3,5% turnover growth in 2017 compared to 2016. Total turnover in 2017 was 3,5 billion EUR and 11,1 billion consumed items. As Italy is the vending business leader, where demand for vending services and goods is growing, it was important for Printbox to take part in that market as soon as possible. All results and other achievements will be a part of many discussions on Gala Dinner. It is traditionally Friday evening event, 8th of June at Spirit de Milan, in Via Bovisasca no. 57/59, from 7.30 pm. A wonderful occasion for networking and meeting amazing people from vending business.