Results from market analysis in Slovenia

22.1.2018, 10:00

has shown positive feedback from the market and good Printbox brand reputation by consumers.

Every business needs analysis on a yearly, monthly or daily basis. To make sure they are on a right path. If not, the analysis might show them what was not right so they can modify their future market approach, marketing activities, communications with different market segments etc. As Printbox is one of those mass client solutions with almost 100.000 registered clients, their feedback is very important for us as well. “For that reason, we have decided to execute another online survey in November 2017”, said our CEO, Mr. Aleš Glavan. A survey was running for 8 days. To avoid long and time-consuming survey, we could not include too many questions and analyze all the things we are wondering about the consumers. Instead, we were focused on changes with document printing needs and demand (is it decreasing, increasing), how consumers see Printbox as a printing solution, how are they satisfied with printing quality and our price for color document printing and what is current brand awareness at Slovenian market. To assure accurate conclusion on collected data from an online survey, we have analyzed also our communication with clients through customer support center (their review on client needs, their behavior, satisfaction, issue solving etc.). We have also made a comparison with our previous online survey results from July 2015 – just before we have started with kiosk network expansion on non-student spots and promoting Printbox as a solution to a 30+ population in Slovenia. Our marketing and sales manager, Mr. Luka Jarc, summarised his thoughts about the analysis with the following words: “This is a good look back at what we have been doing in the past years and what we have achieved in Slovenia. It is also a good case for all of our existing partners, who have already done a great work in the past months, and a proof of a good business for all of those that are interested into Printbox business and will join our family in the future.”

Summary of online survey results:

  • 515 has participated in our online survey.
  • Only 2 participants do not know what is Printbox.
  • Only 10 of all participants are not using Printbox.
  • Participants see and prefer using Printbox because: easy usage, widely available kiosks, option for color printing and scanning and fast service – that means we have met our communication strategy goals from the beginning of 2014, where we have started with our new branding strategy to spread the word about Printbox as a solution for easy, fast and affordable color document printing and scanning.
  • Less than 5% of all participants require an option for A3 printing, stapling option, placing their own paper or thicker paper sheets. That proofs our vision and focus on 80g A4 document printing as the most demanding printing option. Diversification with other services would very certain not be profitable.
  • Participants are very satisfied with the printing quality of basic documents such as email content, different forms, and applications.
  • Participants are satisfied also with the printing quality of a letter, presentations, student projects and different notes.
  • Average satisfaction participants have with the printing quality of catalogs, flyers, and diplomas. These are a specific type of documents that were in the past usually printed in printing merchandise, not at home desktop printers. It means that consumers have much higher expectations (benchmark) with a final printed version of a document. They find it easier to print, much cheaper and faster at Printbox. But final print out is of course not close to those from the printing merchandise (135g glossy paper with plastification, CMYK digital laser print).
  • 40% of all participants think that price for color printing is low, while 8% of them find it very low.
  • More than 80% of all participants are happy and satisfied with price for color printing.


  • 57% of all participants print up to 50 pages per month.
  • 80% participants print up to 100 pages per month – that proofs our theory in consumer demand and behavior changes: they spread their prints on the much smaller print job with 15-30 printed pages per a single print job. In the past, they have been collecting printing job into a single larger print job with 300 pages and more every 1-2 months.
  • 45% of all participants have same demand allot the time and print the same volume. 35% print more every year and only 20% of them are decreasing the number of printed pages every year.
  • Majority of participants print their documents at several printing options such as copy centers, own home desktop printer, in the office or a friend’s, but 70% of them print at least 50% off all prints at Printbox.
  • 35% of participants are increasing printing volume at Printbox kiosks and only 11% of them are decreasing it. Trends are showing that many more consumers are preferring Printbox as primary and most used printing option (towards other option available).
  • Reasons, why clients are printing their documents at other printing options, are: Printbox are not near them or too far away, Printbox does not have an option for A3 printing, clients can not place their own paper or thicker paper and Printbox does not have an option for stapling.


  • 70% of all participants (362) were women and 30% men (153).
  • 33% of participants were older than 31 years. That is 2 times more comparing to our last survey 1,6 years ago. That proofs our growth of clients in the non-student segment (30+). To achieve that goal, we had to expand our network of kiosks also on non-student locations (libraries, malls, hotels, airport etc.).
  • 23 participants were older than 50 years. With that, we have proven that Printbox is for everyone, even for seniors and is definitely not complicated for understanding and usage.
  • Majority of participants were youngsters – 58% of all participants were 19-25 years of age (student population).


Summary of conclusions from staff in a call center:

  • Clients that give us a call or send us an email, in majority (80% or more) report issue or problem with using the device.
  • 80% of reported issues are solved ASAP within the phone conversation and clients were able to accomplish print job successfully in the following minutes.
  • Only 20% are calling for guidance about kiosk usage – specific tasks such as printing more pages per one paper sheets, scanning to email, sending documents using PIN number, process for receiving original invoice on a company VAT etc. – data available on our national (local) web page (price list, manual, tools).
  • More than 95% of all clients are very happy with instant support and issue solving and even express high satisfaction rate regarding Printbox in general. Some of them even share opinion such as Printbox is a wonderful solution with many locations, good price list, available in the middle of the night, very polite people in contact center etc.
  • More than 90% of the clients seeking support are calm and polite. Some 10% of them start a conversation with being rude to the staff. Most of them become calm and nicer during conversation one they find out that an issue is resolved.
  • Some clients found out that reporting a problem will solve it sooner which means 100% working kiosk. So they remain to report every single unusual situation that also helps us finding unknown issues and solving them asap (in some cases we reward clients with 5-10 free credits – a huge increase in clients happiness).
  • Every 2 out of 10 people calling even express ideas for improvements (A3 printing option, thicker paper, more locations, IOS and OSX support with driver and mobile app etc.).
  • Many reported issues for the past months are connected with scanning process (that issue was solved with the last upgrade and we already have dropped a number of reported issues – almost none regarding scanning process).

Summary of conclusions from staff in a call center:

  • Printbox brand awareness is on a very high level in Slovenia. We have penetrated up to 80% within the student population and reached 40% within a non-student population.
  • Brand/solution recall has been upgraded for more than 100% where consumers see Printbox as a solution in the exact way we have been communicating to them in the past 3 years (easy, fast, affordable and widely available – for everyone).
  • From solving/satisfying needs for document printing we suit more to women population, because Printbox solves problems with cartridges, driver installation process, buying and changing paper sheets etc.
  • Issues are rare or there aren’t any as well.
  • Participants that are also our clients are very satisfied with the printing quality of the majority of documents, they print at one of Printbox kiosks. Printouts, that does not meet consumer satisfaction with printing quality at Printbox, will remain to be printed at other solutions also in the future.
  • Participated clients are more than satisfied with our price for color printing. Printbox is for everyone – that is proven with a wide range of clients from 16 to over 50 years of age.


Our expectations for the future:

  • We expect to remain the same market share in youth market segment (especially with student population).
  • We expect to increase our market share and number of a consumer in market segment 30+ in the coming years.
  • We expect that consumers will increase their volume of printed page at Printbox.