Welcome Printbox Guatemala

18.4.2018, 9:00

Very first Printbox kiosk is standing in Guatemala City

Printbox has made a great start in 2018. Results from 2017 and market analysis have proven our proper vision and strategic moves on our mission. Printbox team already become bigger due to all new market that was opened in the past few years. Global expansion has become one of the most important strategic goals of Printbox team. And we are pleased to announce Printbox global expansion to a brand new territory – Guatemala. Our business partner from Guatemala City has placed very first Printbox kiosk on 15th of April 2018. A kiosk is located in capital Guatemala City. Printbox kiosk is available to local consumers in Guatemala University (Universidad del Valle de Guatemala, 18 avenida, 11-95 zona 15. Vista Hermosa III).

Universidad del Valle de Guatemala

Printbox was shaped and developed to fit and public location where people need to scan or print their document. 1 page or 100 pages. But, from all of the points o the market, student locations has proven to be the best spots on the market regarding printing demand. Printbox team always consults our partners how to develop the market and spread the kiosks in the territory. And our new partner from Guatemala made a perfect job by securing the best possible institution to place kiosk – local university. Presentations and negotiations have taken almost 2 months of time, but at the end, everybody is happy with a new gadget and just after the first kiosk was deployed, a university is looking forward to welcoming more kiosks in the future.

Positive feedback from students and first clients

We were expecting a positive feedback about Printbox kiosk. But, we did not expect such a euphory. At the moment, a kiosk was placed inside the University building, a local student organization (Asociación de Estudiantes de la UVG) has shared information about Printbox and self-service Printing kiosk on their official Facebook page. Nobody has expected such enormous feedback from students with a warm welcome to a new solution for document printing.

What comes next?

For best possible Printbox business performance, partners have to secure the very best locations. This was done perfectly in Guatemala. Now, a second most important task is a promotion. To spread the word about Printbox, what is it for, what kind of services does it have to offer, how it works etc. Marketing activities will be executed in kiosk area in the next days while first clients already used the machine. with better brand awareness, more clients will follow to boost income. Once brand awareness and reputation are high, it will be much easier and faster to extend Guatemala kiosk network with more units across the city at strategic spots.