The data which is submitted by the user via forms found at the web page or via any other way (by e-mail, telephone etc.) are confidential and are treated in concordance with the valid Slovene legislation. Print boks d.o.o. will protect the personal data and prevent their misuse. The personal data will be used only for the purposes approved by the user. The user himself is also responsible for the safety of personal data by making sure that his user name and password are safe. For transmissions of all personal data of the user Print boks d.o.o. uses the technology SLL which enables the encoding of all information sent with the orders. When using the charge card as the way of payment, the data entered is sent from your computer in a coded form directly to the authorization server of the bank.


“Cookies” are small files that the website sends to the browser of Internet user. At repeated visit of the website the browser sends them back to the server and thus identifies the user. In this way the website can, for example, adapt the advertisements to the user, record the visiting history, store the settings and user names and passwords etc. – gather various information, including personal data about the user.

The new Law on Electronic Communications (ZEKom 1) requires that each website that uses cookies should provide to user the following information:

  • Which cookies it contains
  • For what purpose they are collected and
  • what is the way of their application

Like majority of websites, by using cookies we try to assure you better, faster and safer experience.

More information about cookies is available in the Guidelines of the Information Commissioner

This website uses the following cookies:

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