BDV general annual meeting in Heidelberg

17.9.2018, 10:00

Review of 2017 results and plan for the future

BDV is organizing their General annual meeting once per year. Each year in different part of Germany. Heidelberg was a meeting point for 2018. All of BDV representatives and its members have attended 1 day event on 14th of September. After educational part in the first half of the day, more pleasant part came in the beautiful estate Eichenstolz – famous rustic evening. Speech of the president was followed by a nice music, good wine, and pleasant talk with all people at the amazing place.

Digitization is the key for the future of vending business

Besides all the great achievements of some of the best and biggest German vending operators, topic was about digitization and its impact on vending business for the next decades. It is not a secret and everybody understand nowadays, that digital impact on all business is huge. It is not the matter of choice, it is a must. Vending operators understand the importance of digitization, that will improve management and operations of all vending machines on distance. And, even more important, improve performance, lower operating costs and upgrade consumer behavior. There are few vending businesses that are fully supported with digital system. Most of them with essential telemetry and usage data. We were glad to be one of the most advanced vending businesses with such a unique digital concept.

Business with pleasure

Printbox was presented in Heidelberg by our CEO, Aleš Glavan, and Luka Jarc, marketing and sales manager. After BDV event, they have spent the next morning with Printbox representative for Germany market. Meetings in person are much more pleasant and productive. Our German representative is planning to establish a network of Printbox kiosks in Heidelberg. We have updated him with our most recent software upgrades and global network expansion process. On the other side, Aleš and Luka were updated about Heidelberg progress and gave back more inputs for successful Printbox project development not just in Heidelberg, but across the whole German territory. After the early Saturday morning meeting, Printbox representatives took some time to see all the beauty of Heidelberg before a road trip back home.